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Why Is Crypto An Appealing Career?

Why Is Crypto An Appealing Career?

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Why is Crypto an Appealing Career?


The term cryptocurrency refers to digital assets that leverage decentralised systems built on blockchain technology, which in turn ensures that online transactions are secure and prevents counterfeiting. As one of the fastest growing industries globally, there are increasing numbers of opportunities to build an exciting career and now is the ideal time to take that leap.

But Why Now?

The number of large companies that are making moves to leverage blockchain systems to further optimise their business processes is rapidly increasing, which means that the demand for crypto professionals is also rising. In addition to the opportunity to work within an international team and command a higher salary, many roles in this sector are remote, which offers optimal levels of flexibility and will ensure you can maintain a positive work life balance. As crypto is a new industry, hiring teams won't expect you to have decades of experience in a similar role. Of course, they will expect you to have an understanding of crypto and being able to show that you have some experience 'doing' crypto, such as flipping NFTs or trading, will always be an advantage. But what's equally, if not more, important is your ability to demonstrate reliability, ambition and a desire to learn. These attributes will be looked at over credentials. Many founders of companies in this sector have come from wildly different backgrounds and recognise that there's more to building a first-class team than traditional hiring processes allow for.

 The Range of Crypto Careers

 Although it might initially seem like a purely tech-focused industry, there are various roles available within the sector, all of which leverage unique skill sets and present a range of opportunities. In addition to engineering roles, the crypto sector also needs marketing specialists, design experts, project managers and customer support teams, to name just a few. So, whether you are keen to explore project manager roles or are interested in immersing yourself in the legalities of an emerging industry where very little is set in stone and you love a challenge, there has never been a better time to take a close look at your options.

 How to Find Crypto Roles

 Whether you're new to crypto and blockchain or you're eager to take the next steps on your career journey, there are a range of tactics that can help you to land your ideal role. China's decision to ban blockchain means that Hong Kong has become a global centre for crypto, with countless exciting opportunities to work in this ever-expanding field. Here at Captar Partners we have a team of knowledgeable consultants in the FinTech, blockchain and crypto fields covering numerous areas, including institutional and private wealth sales, coinlisting, and structuring. We work with both candidates and businesses in a variety of ways, including supporting career management and progression, mapping markets, and building powerful, long-term talent pipeline strategies.

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